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The longer your house stays on the market, the less money you make. I develop customized marketing plans for each client and focus on the 3 Ps:


We look at what needs to be repaired, replaced, and refreshed. When we’re done, your home is ready for prime time and will command top dollar. We include:

Whether we do a consultation, minor furniture arranging, a partial stage, or a full-house stage, I make sure your home is ready to capture the attention of potential buyers. My expert team makes it look effortless.

Professional Photography
With more than 90% of potential buyers shopping online, photography is a top priority. The better your home looks online, in print, or in video, the more showings you will get, and the faster your home will sell. I use only seasoned real estate photographers who make their professional living shooting homes for sale. The result is a gorgeous portfolio that uniquely showcases your home.


Value is in the eyes of the buyer, and homes priced correctly the first time sell much quicker and result in owners receiving the most money. I provide a comparative market analysis, discuss current market conditions, offer market intelligence, and more so we are confident in setting the price of your home.


I make sure your home is seen by the most buyers in the least amount of time. I use a customized combination of advertising, website syndication, social media, video, digital marketing, direct mail, and more to ensure your home is seen by the largest audience possible and that your home ‘speaks’ to buyers who are prepared to purchase.